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Papaya Halwa

Halwa in any form is a inviting and mouthwatering one.But here comes a halwa out of ripe papaya,and ..

Spinach -Paneer- Moong sprouts stir fry

Hope my US friends are safe and out of danger from 'Sandy'.If 'Irene' was a trailor,'Sandy' was the ..

Announcing EP Series : Asafoetida or Fennel Seeds

Yet another fabulous month comes to an end with an important day today,Halloween..So,all kids busy t..

Easy Honey Chicken

Honey chicken,a quick appetizer and a delicious one.Though there are many who may not like the flavo..

Avocado Milk Shake

Avocado,has many healthy benefits on the body.When I reached US,that's the time I saw this pricky lo..

Gujjiya | Madakku San(Madakkappam)

Diwali is at the door steps of all Indians.Though I don't celebrate Deepavali at home but always lov..

Spicy Chilli Dip for Boiled Tapioca(Yuca) | Mulakku Udachathu

Spicy chilly dip with boiled tapioca is a nostalgic post for me,although I had this only during my v..

Egg Pepper Roast

What are you guys,cooking today?? Everyday ladies start their day with the same question what to pre..

Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi & crossed 2,00,000 hits :)

For the past two weeks,I found tremendous collection of sweets pouring down in the blogosphere and i..

Shaped Dinner Rolls

Hi friends, Sorry that I vanished from the blogosphere suddenly,actually kids were sick at home an..

Okra Curry | Vendakka Theeyal

Okra theeyal or curry is a very authentic and traditional dish of Kerala with the blend of roasted c..

A Fondant Baby Shower Cake | Chocolate Banana Cake

It was one of our close friend's baby shower last week and they are expecting their second baby soon..

Stuffed Mushroom

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving,gals !! Today's recipe is Stuffed Mushrooms.Stuffed mushroom ..

Baked Vegetable Cutlets

Cutlets,veg or non veg forms are always a crowd pleaser and definitely a great appetizer.This time f..