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Andhra Coconut Chutney/Kobbarikaya Pachchadi

Am running my third week of blogging marathon from today onwards, and the theme of this week is Chos..

Nariyalwale Chawal/ Coconut Rice

My second day of blogging marathon with coconut as main ingredient goes for a rice dish. I chosed th..

Schzewan Prawns

My family love chinese foods very much dunno whether coz we are living in Chinatown.If someone asks ..

Narkel Narus/Bengali Coconut Laddoos

My two previous posts are with coconut as main ingredient, you guys might have noticed that. As my t..

Chicken Wontons in Chilly Sauce

Been born as a South Indian,my love for chinese foods pulled me to make some wontons at home itself ..

Rendez Vous With A Foodie-Divya Prakash of Divya's Culinary Journey

Most of my followers knows very well about my new event where am introducing upcoming new budding bl..

Corn & Moongdal Dosa/ Corn Pesarattu

If i forget to grind usual idly batter,obviously my mind will go for non fermentation dosa batters. ..

Chicken Manchurian

Chicken manchurian, while going through my recipe index few days back, i noticed that i havent poste..

Amaranth Stalks & Raw Banana Sambhar

Amaranth leaves are quite often used in South Indian cuisine, when the leaves are cooked along with ..

Amla & Dal Rasam/Indian Gooseberry Dal Soup

Rasam, my readers will definitely know my love for Indian style clear soup aka rasam. At mom's place..

Hokkaido Milk Bread~~ We Knead to Bake#3

Hokkaido milk bread, super spongy bread prepared with the famous Asian bread making method called ta..

Masala Sweet Potato Chips

Am starting again today the 4th week of blogging marathon, this week's theme is going to be kid's de..

Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles are quite famous for their lighter batter than tha standard American waffles. Belgia..

Keerai Medhu Pakodas/Amaranth Leaves Soft Pakoras

You may surprised to see the name soft pakodas, yep we make two types of pakodas one is extremely cr..

Raw Banana Peels Stir-fry/Kaya Tholi Thoran

Have you ever tried a stir fry with raw banana peels? you guys have to give a try to this wonderful ..