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Baquorah/Omani Gramflour Fritters ~~ Omani Cuisine

Amazing landscapes, scenic beaches, inspiring deserts, picturesque fields and cascading waterfalls f..

Bolo Lêvedo / Portuguese Sweet Muffins ~~ Portuguese Cuisine

After Omani cuisine, am taking you all to Portuguese cuisine for this month's long blogging marathon..

Motabel/Qatari Eggplant Dip ~~ Qatari Cuisine

Q, this alphabetical letter dont have many options when its comes to a country's name. For this mont..

Drumstick Leaves, Brown Rice & Dal Bhath

We are having a nasty hot weather, i dont felt like cooking for hours in kitchen as the climate is s..

Ibiharage/Rwandan Fried Beans ~~ Rwandan Cuisine

After 'Q',come on lets go to Central africa, exactly to Rwanda. Since am running a month of blogging..

Paneer,Horsegram Vermicelli Pulao/Kollu Sevai Paneer Pulav

You may wonder where i got this horsegram vermicelli aka sevai, am still unpacking my bagages which ..

Watermelon Gazpacho/Vegan Spanish Watermelon Soup ~~ Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine, this cuisine is vast as much as like few European cuisine. I learned many Spanish s..

Gluoy Bwod Chee/Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk ~~ Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine, this cuisine is very close to my heart, my most favourite cuisine after Indian cuisine..

Rolex/ Ugandan Egg Roll ~~ Ugandan Cuisine

 Ugandan cuisine consists of traditional and modern cooking styles, practices, foods and dishes in U..

Welsh Crempog/Ffroes/Welsh Pancakes ~~ Welsh Cuisine

Welsh cuisine, this is the cuisine of Wales, which is a part of United Kingdom and covers a part of ..

Molotes/Xalapan Molotes ~~ Xalapan Street Food

For this month's long marathon, i have cooked couple of dishes from various World cuisine starting w..

Coca de Venduras/Coca Vegetable/Vegan Catalan Style Vegetable Pizza

Pizza, this word itself makes my kids happy, they just love to have pizzas everyday,but since i dont..

Hawaij/Yemeni Spice Mix ~~ Yemeni Cuisine

As like 'Q, W and X', the alphabet 'Y' dont have that much option when its comes to a Country name s..

Mabhanzi/Zimbabwean Sweet Buns ~~~Zimbabwean Cuisine

Zimbabwe, i picked this country immediately when i was searching for recipes to cook for this month'..