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Blini - Russian Pancake

Russia is mainly a northern country with long-lasting cold winter. Obviously the food should give mu..

Recap - Around The World in 30days

My readers and followers might have noticed that during the whole month of September i took you all ..

Eggless, Butterless Wholewheat Flaxmeal Dinner Rolls

Flaxseed, i love to add this seeds often in my cooking either in spice powders or simply in my bakes..

Eggless Burger Buns/Eggless Hamburger Buns

Personally for me, baking burger buns at home was quite a dream, i have crossed couple of recipes an..

Channa Aloo Bhaji Burger/Chickpeas Potato Curry Burger Sandwich

If you would have went through my Eggless burger buns recipe, you would have noticed that i told tha..

No Bake Gajar Halwa, Kesar and Gulab Cheesecake

Cheesecake,my younger one can have this absolutely delicious cake anytime. He can have any flavored ..

Chickpea Crackers with Sesame Seeds

Crackers, this biscuits are easy to bake with simple ingredients, actually crackers can be enjoyed j..

Ragi Ribbon Pakoda/Fingermillet Ribbon Pakoda/Ragi Ola Pakoda

Deepavali is celebrated all over India either in the month of october or in November, but this time ..

Thirunelveli Godhumai Halwa/ Thirunelveli Wholewheat Halwa

Making Godhumai halwa aka whole wheat halwa from scratch was my long time dream since i started blog..

Barley Murukku/Barley Chakli - Version 2

I cant imagine Deepavali savouries without Murukkus/Chaklis, this is a must whenever we plan for our..

Lemon Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is our family favourite and my kids just love chocolate cake with anything in it. Obv..

Achari Paneer

Paneer, this popular Indian cheese is one among the varieties of cheese we love very much at home.Ob..

Danyachi Usal/Maharashtrian Peanut Curry

After going through my yesterday's post, you might have guessed that today's post might be an anothe..

Kaju Makhana Masala/Cashew, Lotus Seeds Masala

Most of our dinner goes for salads,soups and chapathis or rotis, obviously whenever i make our India..

Ragi Nippattu/Kezhvaragu Thattai/Fingermillet Nippattu

Are you surprised to read the name of this post?? yep i prepared these thattais yesterday evening wi..