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Devil Food Cake with Chocoholic Chocolate Frosting

Hai Friends..Hope you are having a great week.. I have posted the recipe of chocoholic choco..

Falafil with Lemon Tahini Sauce

I have a little craze towards middle eastern foods...Even if it is the simple pita bread or chicken ..

Chickpeas with Spinach

Hai Guys..Its middle of the week and only two more days for weekend..I am feeling the tiredness alre..

Jalebi ( Deep Fried Indian Sweet)

Jalebi is probably one of the sweet which I stayed away for such a long time thinking that it is a c..

Eggless Marbled Cookies & 500 Followers

Hai Guys....I have a good news to share with you...YUMMY TUMMY reached 500 followers...Yes I am real..

Malabar Ghee Rice

  I have been checking my blog for a while and found out that I have not posted any rice dishes fo..

Cilantro Pesto Mac and Cheese

Happy Saturday Guys... I had some Cilantro Pesto in my freezer for a while and I w..

Butter Naan made in Oven

Naan is a Indian flat bread which is normally made in a tandoor...If you are wondering what is a tan..

Rosemary and Mint Pizza

Happy Sunday Friends....Hope you are planning to enjoy your sunday.... This is ano..

Simple Green Gram Curry(Pachapayaru Curry)

A simple protein rich curry which is best with hot roti or rice....I love the spices which goes in t..

Black Forest Cake and a Chocolate Facial Tip

Hai Guys...This weekend got over so soon...I feel like it vanished in minutes... I took lots..

Chicken Tikka made in Oven

Hai Friends...Hope you had a great day... Chicken tikka is a famous dish all over ..

Chicken Tikka Masala

 Yesterday I posted Chicken Tikka recipe which is a dry one... Today I am posting ..

Chocolate Cherry Brownies

I have to tell you that this delicious brownie is from an accident... Yes...ACCIDE..