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Kerala Style Egg Curry

Thanks a lot friends for all your wishes,likes on FB and inspiring comments on my 350th post yesterd..

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (Wheat flour)

Baking Partners,this month came up with the theme,Cupcakes /Muffins for our challenge #3 and pumpkin..

Prawns Fry | Nadan Chemmeen Varuthathu

Prawns is one of my kids favorite among sea foods.This prawn fry is a delicious kerala style dish pe..

Eggless Pumpkin Cupcakes with Spiced butter cream Frosting

Baking Partners,as I mentioned in my Pumpkins chocolate chip muffins had suggested three recipes out..

Spinach Koftas in coconut milk gravy

Koftas,a speciality of northern parts of India is rich balls of nutrients immersed in a thick gravy ..

Homemade Mexican Red Salsa

Salsa is the spanish word for 'sauce' typical of the Mexican cuisine particularly those used as a di..

Cream Of Mushroom Soup & Moved to my own domain:)

Hi friends, Erivum Puliyum is now moved to my own domain name.Thanx a lot friends for all your sup..

Banana Pepper Fritters | Mulakku Bajji

Chilly breezy weathers are the perfect time to enjoy hot crispy snacks especially pakoras/fritters.W..

Dates Sweet Balls (no cooking)

Surprised at the title??And happy too,Isn't it?? True,this recipe is a no cooking recipe and perfect..

Papaya Halwa

Halwa in any form is a inviting and mouthwatering one.But here comes a halwa out of ripe papaya,and ..

Spinach -Paneer- Moong sprouts stir fry

Hope my US friends are safe and out of danger from 'Sandy'.If 'Irene' was a trailor,'Sandy' was the ..

Announcing EP Series : Asafoetida or Fennel Seeds

Yet another fabulous month comes to an end with an important day today,Halloween..So,all kids busy t..

Easy Honey Chicken

Honey chicken,a quick appetizer and a delicious one.Though there are many who may not like the flavo..

Avocado Milk Shake

Avocado,has many healthy benefits on the body.When I reached US,that's the time I saw this pricky lo..