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Amma's Ada Dosa / Mum's Lentil & Rice Crepes / How to Make Ada Batter

  Amma makes a huge batch of dosa batter each weekend which will last us for that whole week..Fo..

Instant Oats Vegetable Idli Recipe / Oats Veg Idli Recipe

I am not a big fan of regular idli’s, but I love to have rawa idli and different type of idli’s..Thi..

Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Eggs

This is a remodeled version of my old post.. How many of you like Brownies. I ca..

Ulli Vada / Fried Onion Dumplings / Onion Vada / Onion Fritters

I have been longing to make this vada..This is my favorite from my childhood. This vada reminds me m..

Eggless Chocolate Pudding

I love browsing other food blog and I came across this recipe in moreover every blog...I know this r..

Homemade Spongy Appam / How to make the Perfect Appam Batter (without yeast)

As I promised I am delivering you amma’s special appam recipe. This is one of those recipe which sta..

Cabbage Chana Subzi / Cabbage with Chickpeas

This is one of the easiest sidedish that you can serve with rice or roti in my opinion. I made it la..

Fried Chicken Nuggets – Indian Style

  Another Week of Blogging Marathan is started and I am planning to go with the theme winter spe..

Methi Poori / Fried Fenugreek Leaves Poori

Hai friends, I love poori masala a lot, It is one of my favorite breakfast...Even though I love to h..

Baked Eggless Bread Pudding – Indian Style

I love to have bread pudding all alone when it is cold and the weather is not that good. Specially t..

Eggless Savoury French Toast – Easy Breakfast Ideas / Lunch Box Ideas

I love to have light and healthy breakfast..I don’t like to have sweet stuffs for breakfast.  Most o..

Fried Bread Roll Stuffed with Sweet Corn Filling

I love sweet corn in any thing. I even add sweet corn in the pulav which I make. I love sweet corn s..