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Rajma Coconut Stirfry

If you want to feed everyone at home easily with nutritious rich rajma, just give a try this quick,e..

Tofu & Mixed Veggies Samosa

Dunno wat happened to sun god here, he is showing his head very rarely and the climate is super nast..

Paneer Manchurian

This week is our last week of blogging marathon for this month, i choosed dry sautes after cooking u..

Egg Onion Roast

My second dry saute post for this week's blogging marathon is this easy breezy egg onion roast, with..

Peppered Potato,Mushroom & Bellpepper Curry

Have you ever combined potato,mushroom and bellpeppers together in your dry curries?, if not you guy..

Baking Partners ~~ A New Baking Group Announcment

Baking a homemade bread, cake or cookies will give the best outcome. However in order to achieve the..

Spicy Zucchini & Paneer Whole Wheat Pizza

Sorry friends, i couldnt able to be much active for past a week.Actually i was in holiday mood and t..

Eggless Lamingtons~~ Baking Eggless Challenge

A lamington is a sponge cake of Australia,this cube shaped sponge cake are coated traditionally with..

Badam Katli~~A Virtual Welcome Party

If you would have said that blogging can make a wonderful friendship chain around the world before a..

Eggless Walnut Muffins - My Guest Post For Archana

Love the concept behind guest posting, this walnut muffins are my second guest post am doing for my ..

Green Apple Lassi

A month without blogging marathon, i cant even imagine it. Even this month will be somewat hectic fo..

Eggless Strawberry & Milk Pudding

You can make this irresistible pudding within less than 10 minutes and this eggless pudding with str..

Whole Wheat Paneer Buns

I completely stopped buying paneer from Indian stores and am making fresh homemade paneer quite ofte..

Whole Wheat Custard Sponge Cake

I know when i bought a huge packet of yellow custard powder from Indian store, i'll finish them as s..

Oats,Almonds & Sesame Laddoos

Have you ever combined rolled oats,almonds and sesame for making quick laddoos with powdered jaggery..