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Tender Coconut Kheer/Elaneer Payasam

Tender coconut is a wholesome and nutritious drink, prefect drink while its too hot and a thirsty qu..

Kollu/Horsegram Rasam

Kollu rasam is one of the famous dish in Kongunadu area of Tamilnadu, its not a special dish but an ..

Dry Green Peas Masala Vadai & Black Channa Sundal

Sunday, we celebrated the Saraswathi pooja with few delicious dishes, i have already posted Tender C..

Jantikalu/Murukku~~IC Challenge

Jantikalu/Murukku was our fourth indian cooking challenge for this month of October, already four m..

St Clement's Drizzle Cake - S&SB Challenge

St Clement's Drizzle Cake, delicious citrusy flavoured cake tastes marvellous with hot tea for eveni..

Sunday Snacks- Snacks With Bread Roundup

Thanks a ton to all participants..Voila, am with sunday snacks -snacks with bread roundup..I enjoyed..

Coriander Pesto Pasta & Mini Omelettes

Pasta dishes, we just love anything with pastas,..I was planning to prepare pesto with basilic or ei..

Ragi Murukku

Ragi murukku, quite an easy, flavourful and crunchy murukku prepared with dry roasted ragi flour, gr..

Baked Oats Crusted Oats & Veggies Patties

Healthy version of patties or cutlets with quick cooking oats as crust, baked in oven for 15 to 20 m..

Varuthu Aracha Chow Chow/Chayote Kootu

Varuthu Aracha Kootu goes for a dry roasted spice powder which gives quite a pleasant flavour to our..

RCI-Kongunadu Cuisine Roundup

Am really very happy for hosting RCI-Kongunadu Cuisine for the month of september, initially i was b..

Eggless Quick Oatmeal Cookies

Easy oatmeal cookies will be ready within 15-20 minutes and really quite simple to prepare and a pre..

Microwave Carrot N Spinach Fried Rice

Fried rice in microwave oven, yea its really very much possible which i realized it today when i coo..

Dry Fruits & Nuts Tea Cake

Last weekend, when we went for shopping my hubby picked a pack of fruits and nuts tea cake and he ju..

Godhuma (Wheat) Inipu Paniyaram

Paniyarams, famous chettinad dish can also prepared as sweet version with rice flour, jaggery syrup ..