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Monster Cookies

  I made this cookie couple of months before..I actually forgot to post the recipe till now...So..

Beans Urulai Kilangu Avial / Beans Potato Avial

In our house probably we will have avial thrice a week...Each time amma makes this with different ve..

Bombay Potatoes

I am a potato girl...I could not live without potatoes..I want it on my plate atleast twice a week....

Cream Cheese Frosting using Hung Yogurt

Our house looks like hell today..Because we are cleaning it..Every stuff is thrown here and there an..

Tri-Colour Rainbow Cake for 300th Post

Yay Yay...Yummy Tummy reached 300th post so soon...Its like yesterday I started my blog..But already..

Masala Coated Eggs with Tangy Onions

Eggs are my favorite ingrediant always...I know I have told this thousand times,But let this be the ..

Simple Sambar ( Lentil and Vegetable Gravy)

Sambar is one of the dish which you can find in every south Indian homes or marriage functions..It i..

Coconut Chutney Flavoured with Red Chilli and Garlic

If you need a quick side dish for dosa or idli, If you don’t have time to make sambar or something e..

Vermicelli Kheer / Semiya Payasam

Happy Saraswathi Pooja friends...My mum made 9 type of dishes for this pooja..And to celebrate saras..

Paneer Tikka made in Tawa

  I know I know...All tikka’s are made in oven..But this one is for you all those who don’t have..

Spinach Raita Flavoured with Garlic & Cumin

This is a best and healthy sidedish for briyani or pulav....Try to use thick curd for this,that’s ma..

Jackfruit Pulav / Jackfruit Briyani / Kathal Pulav - Lunch Box Recipes

Jackfruit is one of the amazing fruit from god’s creation..It has hard pricky skins outside(which re..

American Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

  I love adding vegetables and fruit in my baking...My favorite cake in this world apart from ch..

Potato Podimas ( Spiced Up Mashed Potatoes)

I have already told you about my love for potatoes...Once again I am telling you “I am a Potato Girl..