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Phyllo Chocolate Rolls

A per Wiki, Phyllo, filo, or fillo dough are paper-thin sheets of unleavened flour dough used for ma..

Announcing Healthy Diet-Cooking With Wholegrains

After diabetic friendly recipes,am announcing my Healthy diet event with cooking with wholegrains. I..

Eggless Peanut Butter Cookies~~Home Baker's Challenge#3

As i told earlier, i baked 3 cookies out of 4 cookies suggested by Vijayalakshmi for our this month'..

Kuzhalappam~~IC Challenge

After Gujarat Dapka Kadhi, now we are landing to God's own country aka Kerala for our this month's  ..

Eggless Pinwheel Cookies~~Home Baker's Challenge#3

After shortbread sandwich cookies and eggless peanut butter cookies, i baked some addictive pinwheel..

Tea Kadai Masal Vadai

Am running from today onwards with an another super interesting theme for this week's blogging marat..

Tea Kadai Butter Biscuits

As i told earlier,am running three days of blogging marathon with tea kadai menu as my theme for thi..

Ellu Urundai/Sesame Balls

After peanut balls, one of my weakness is sesame balls aka ellu urundai. This is one of the addictiv..

Rendez Vous With A Foodie - Sharanya Palanisshami of Sara's Tasty Buds

Most of my followers knows very well about my new event where am introducing upcoming new budding bl..

Foxtail Millet & Wheat Rava Pongal

Pongal with sambar makes a wonderful breakfast, if its made with whole grains without ghee, just thi..

Wheat Bread

Wheat bread are seriously simple to make and you can cross many varieties of bread with whole wheat ..

Savoury Kugelhopf~~We Knead To Bake#7

A kugelhopf which is also spelt as Gugelhupf, Kugelhupf or Kugelhoph is a yeasted sweeten brioche li..

Eggless Mixed Berries Icecream

Paris climate is dramatically super hot since few days and i cant tolerate this sudden hot weather h..

Watermelon & Chickpeas Salad~~Vegan Thursdays

Have you ever combined watermelon and cooked chickpeas in salad??, if not dont forget to give a try ..

Strawberry Lime Granita

Granita looks like sparkling jewels and it contains hardly any calories.Granita goes for fresh fruit..