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Potato & Spinach Sandwich

Sandwiches gets ready in a jiffy and they suits prefectly anytime of the day. I quickly prepared thi..

Eggless Custard Thumbprint Jam Cookies

Making out cookies with custard powder is in my to do list since a long, finally i prepared some cus..

Eggless Lowfat Pumpkin & Dates Muffins

If you love having eggless muffins for our breakfast like me, this muffins are for you.I went for bo..

Egg Dum Briyani

Once a week, even a easy breezy,quick scrambled eggs can make me definitely comfort. Sunday lunch is..

Yeasted Nutella-Cinnamon Wholewheat Muffins

I really want to bake some yeasted bread with nutella and cinnamon combination since a long, finally..

Pumpkin & Red Rice Flakes Kheer~~My Guest Post For Aparna

                                           Happy Saraswathi Pooja to everyone friends. Well, i ..

Aloo Moongdal Paratha

As i told earlier most of our dinner goes for almost oil-less rotis, but sometime i manage to make s..

Foxtail Millet, Moongdal & Sweet Corn Chops

Foxtail millet is one of the forgotten grains cooked earlier in some part of Tamilnadu and this is c..

Bulgur & Moongdal Khichdi

After cooking moongdal as stuffed paratha, as evening snack, for the third day of blogging marathon ..

Pumpkin Pistachio Pound Cake

Love nuts in bakes and i know i will be making a pumpkin pound cake for the weekend bake.Finally com..

Baked Tandoori Baby Potatoes

Baby potatoes are one of my weakness, i just love them. I never forget to pick atleast a kg everytim..

Brioche Rolls with Strawberry Jam

Brioche, an incredible spongy bread highly light and super puffy with a rich and tender crumb. These..

Eggless Butter Cake

Sometimes i dont prefer to prepare my cakes with butter, so alternatively i go for half quantity of ..

Garlic-Coriander Pull Apart Yeasted Muffins

Garlic and coriander combo works out wonder in yeasted breads, i prepared this yeasted muffins for B..

Cheesy Potato-Peas Masala Stuffed Rolls

When i posted Brioche Rolls with Strawberry Jam two days back,many of my readers asked me to post th..