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Flaxseed Paruppu Podi/Flaxseed Lentils Spice Powder

My pantry is always filled with different sorts of spice mix powders,i cant survive without them. Wh..

Red Rice Dosa/Sivappu Arisi Dosai

Red Rice is a unhulled rice, meaning only the outer hard  husk has been removed, leaving the inner c..

Cheesy Onion & Corn Pie

After a decent bunch of sweet bakes from Baking Eggless, owned by Gayathri we are landing to savoury..

Foxtail Millet & Sesame Laddoos

Once i started experimenting with foxtail millet, i realized that they are versatile and you can dis..

Ragi Sago Fryums/Kezhvaragu Javvarisi Vathal~~Vegan Thursdays

Its been a year, i prepared vathals aka fryums at home, this time i dont want to miss the opportunit..

Kesar Pista Kulfi~~SN Challenge

Anything from freezer makes everyone happy when the weather is super hot outside, as i told earlier ..

Eggless Ragi & Chocolate Chips Cinnamon Rolls

Everyone will agree with me if i say nothing can beat the aroma of freshly baked breads at home. I l..

Chinese Veg Spring Rolls with MW Thai Peanut Sauce

August is going to a month of celebration for us, this month is so special for me coz am a august bo..

MW Podi Idli

My second post for this week's blogging marathon is this Microwave Podi Idli coz my theme for this w..

MW Eggless & Butterless Mug Brownie

After two beautiful dishes cooked through microwave oven, i seriously want to finish this week's blo..

Egg Manchurian

Manchurian doesnt need any introduction, this Indo chinese foods are prepared usually with a vegetab..

Rendez Vous With A Foodie - Sadhana of Success Stories of My Recipe

You guys know that every month i'll be introducing a budding blogger and it happens twice a month, h..

Laadi Pav / Soft Dinner Rolls

I cant imagine serving salads or soups without dinner rolls or french baguettes,dunno why we still s..

Ragi Tofu Paratha/Fingermillet Tofu Paratha

You might have cooked parathas with ragi or either with tofu,but have you ever combined these both n..

Tiramisu Parfait

Am starting my second week of blogging marathon from today with a cute theme, yes the theme of this ..