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MW Potato & Oats Sukka

Microwave cooking changed my way of cooking a lot, whenever i feel lazy and bored of cooking i do pr..

Vegan Carrot & Raisins Smoothie

A healthy and super filling smoothie to have either for your breakfast or for a sunday brunch..I sim..

Oats & Tofu Paratha

If you are searching something quick, healthy and protein rich parathas for your dinner,this paratha..

Oats Potato Murukku

Have you ever tried out making crispy murukkus using both rolled oats and potatoes??..Give a try fri..

Eggless Carrot & Raisins Bread Pudding

Quick,delicious,healthy at the same time an eggless bread pudding to enjoy warm with a scoop of vani..

Bread Gulab Jamuns

Wishing all you a Happy Tamil New Year and Vishu wishes to all my readers and followers.. Bread..

MW Mushroom & Oats Soup

Soups are always welcome that too for dinner if the weather is too chilled and rainy..If you want t..

Chenna Poda~~IC Challenge

Chenna poda, an incredible Indian cheesecake from Orissa, actually we used to make many sweets like ..

Eggless Orange Cornbread

Am gonna run two weeks of blogging marathon after a long gap, this wonderful event i never failed to..

Vegan Banana & Chocolate Muffins

Here comes my second entry for blogging marathon which am running for upcoming two weeks...This time..

Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

My daughter skip her breakfast everytime during her vacation as she woke up too late, last time i pr..

Eggless Clementine Semolina Cake~~ My 2000th Post

Today i reached my 2000th post am soo excited and i have no words to explain how happy i am...Nothi..

Instant Semolina Oats Idli

I simply love quick,easy breezy and instant versions of idlis..While going through my space, i could..

Banana Bonda

Deepfried dishes are always welcome among the kids, but mostly health conscious moms wont feed that ..

MW Beets,Apple & Oats Halwa

Have you ever combined beets,apples and oats together for making halwa?? if not do give a try friend..