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Hurali Chutney/Horsegram Chutney

South Indian cuisine have varieties of chutneys and i cant imagine having my breakfast dishes like i..

Vegan Banana Nut Muffins

My passion towards baking just pulled me to start a baking group, thank God this group is going on s..

Ishtu - Kerala Stew

As i told in my earlier posts, this week's posts are going to be Regional foods which i cooked speci..

Jaipuri Mewa Pulao

When i chosed Regional foods for this week's theme of this month's long blogging marathon, immediate..

No Bake Eggless Créme Caramel - My guest post for Nalini

Writing a guest post to a co blogger, any blogger can dream about it, thank god its happens quite of..

Kokum Kadhi

Seriously i came to know about kokum only after blogging, Kokum yields a peculiar flavour and blacki..


Luchi is a deep fried flatbread made with maida flour, is a typical dish of Bengali cuisine. Luchi i..

Sweet Kordois

After an authentic Hyderabadi dish, we are landing to Assam for this month's Indian Cooking Challeng..

Maddur Vada

Successfully i finished my two weeks of long marathon with interesting theme,i went for baked dishes..

Nyonya Curry Powder

As i told earlier in my previous post, this week's theme for my long blogging marathon is Streetfood..

Orange Peel Pickle

Am sure after going through this pickle recipe,you will definitely think twice before trashing your ..

Pav Bhaji Masala Powder

Indian cuisine have varieties of spice powders, obviously every Indian house holds will have their p..

Quiche aux Tomates/Tomato Quiche

Am sure many of us know about quiche, anyhow quiche is a savoury,open faced pastry crust with a fill..

Rendez Vous With A Foodie - Sowmya of Nivedhanam

Every 7th and 20th of a month,you guys would have noticed that am inviting few of my new buddies to ..

Ragda Patties

Today is my final dish of this week's theme streetfoods/condiments,last but not least yes am posting..