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Banana Blossom Stirfry/Vazhaipoo Poriyal

My mom used to feed us quite often with countryside vegetables, eventhough we wont wish to have them..

Caramel Poha/Aval Kesari

Cant believe its already our 7th day of blogging marathon, seriously time flies like a wink..I was p..

Broccoli & Green Peas Rice

I can have easily any sort of one pot meals for every day lunch,also its quite an easy and best way ..

Paneer Pakoda

I rarely saw people saying no to paneer, everyone at home love paneer as any form, its been a while ..

Jaisalmeri Chana

Jaisalmeri chana is a traditional dish made in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, i crossed this wonderful and nu..

Paal Paniyaram - My Guest Post For Friendship Chain at Mélange

Few days back i got a mail from Dhyuthi of Mélange, she wanted me to prepare a dish for Friendship C..

Sweet Corn & Bread Pakoda

You have loads of stale breads in your bread bag, bored of eating them as upma or toast, give a tria..

Paneer Bhurji

I dont know how i have completely forgotten to post paneer bhurji in my space, while going through t..

Watermelon & Banana Blossom Kootu

If someone says no to any particular vegetable at home, the next time i'll definitely prepare that v..

Baked Beets & Moongdal Vadas

If you are craving for some vadas, its better to try this guilt free,quick and definitely healthy va..

Carrot Cornmeal Upma

Upma, a quick dish to prepare anytime of the day if you are in hurry, serve it simply with some coco..

Eggless Oats, Cornmeal & Apple Scones

As am not a breakfast person, my usual breakfast goes for a cup of coffee or tea with some cereal ba..

Carrot & Greengram Sambar

Whenever i dont have toor dal or yellow moongdal,i dont bother to use the whole greengrams for makin..

Prefect Pound Cake~~Sweet Punch

Our this month's Sweet punch challenge is this incredible pound cake..Its a simple but an addictive ..

Mushroom & Onion Focaccia

Focaccia is quite popular in Italy and is usually seasoned with olive oil and herbs, topped with oni..