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Beets Omelette

Omelette with Beetroot!!! yeah they tastes bit sweet n very healthy, cooked beetroot is a great sou..

Wheat Bread Puttu

Bored of usual sandwich as well as bread toast, give a try to this wheat bread puttu, a very good n ..

Bok Choy Omelette

Bok Choy, famous chinese cabbage as they get easily cooked as stir fry, was thinking to prepare them..

Spicy Mozzarella Sandwich

Spicy n cheesy sandwich, perfect for lunch with simple salad...i prepared them a bit spicy with our ..

Schezwan Chicken n Babycorn Fry

Schezwan chicken n babycorn fry goes well with chinese fried rice, it was very easy to prepare if u ..

Green Jelly

I love jellies, i never thought making jellies at home might be this much easier, with simple ingred..

Chocolate Glazed Gulab Jamuns

Gulab Jamuns with Chocolate!!! yeah its a quick n easy sweet dish, whenever i buy the tinned gulab j..

Ragi N Silken Tofu Cookies/ Vegan Ragi Cookies

I never tried cookies with silken tofu till i tried it out with ragi n silken tofu as..

Mushroom Cream Omelette

Quick, easy mushroom omelettes... Five medium mushrooms contain only 20 calories, 3 grams of carbohy..

Cheesy Green Peas Pulav

Green peas are bursting with nutrients. "They provide good to very good amounts of 8 vitamins, 7 min..

Tofu Fried Rice

Tofu is low in calories, contains beneficial amounts of iron..These tofus r prepared from soyamilk, ..

Oats Idli

Rolled Oats, which are commonly referred to as just "oats" are crushed grains of oat that have been ..

Okra Kurkure

Okra, which is commonly referred to as "lady’s finger", is of West African origin. Okra is a fibrous..

5000 Visitors Celebrating with Rose Badam Milk

Cant Believe!!!!!!!! Its not even a month i opened this Blogspot..already my visitor hits r more tha..

Mixed Vegetable Mozzarella Pie

Am addict to mozzarella, i love those cheese in salad, sandwiches, comes one of the si..