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Baked Salmon in Lemon Sauce

Baking is a very good alternative  when compared to deep frying fishes in oil.This is the first time..

Event Announcement - The Kerala Kitchen 'June 2012

Hi Friends, Am happy to announce the hosting of this coming month's series of THE KERALA KITCHEN a..

Event Announcement EP Series : Basil & Cardamom & Mango Basil Sorbet

Hi Friends, Am happy to announce the beginning of EP Series this month with the theme "Basil(Tulas..

Colocasia curry & Rice Gruel | Chembu Astram & Kanji | Comfort meal

Kanji is a sort of rice porridge or gruel rice popular among many Asian countries.In Kerala,Kanji(gr..

Round up of Event-Show Me Your HITS (Iron Rich Foods)

I take immense pleasure in announcing that I have succesfully completed the 'Show Me Your HITS' even..

Bread Pakoras with a touch of Cilantro !!

Bread Pakoras- Another nostalgic one that brings back all memories from my college and hostel days.T..

Kerala Style Chicken Curry (Nadan Kozhi Curry)

The traditional recipe of chicken curry in Kerala is known as the nadan chicken curry.The flavors of..

Coconut Stuffed Buns (Sweet)

I always loved the milk buns which we used to get it in India with tutty fruity or raisins on top.Th..

Banana-Sour Cream Muffins(Whole wheat flour)

Over ripe bananas,are a frequent issue at home;slightly spotted ones..none likes it and so got to al..

Special Tandoori Basil Fish Tikka

Basil has many medicinal properties  and is very commonly available in India.Though this is the firs..

Mango Coconut Laddu : My Guest Post for Nupur @ UK Rasoi

Am happy and thrilled to be a guest at UK Rasoi.Thanx to Nupur for the wonderful opportunity and she..

Carrot Stir Fry (Carrot Mezhukuparetti)

Carrots are rich in beta carotene and is a popular veggie in all parts of the world.Bunnies love car..

Butter Cake (Old Fashioned)~Yummilicious !!!!

Butter cake,as the name is the texture of the cake;utterly buttery & delicious.Perfect to celebrate ..

Aloo Parathas with Parsley leaves

A very popular paratha and my favorite parathas is the aloo parathas,well versed one with all.This p..

Easy Besan laddu ( Microwave Version )

Hope everyone had a happy weekend.We too had a good one.Its summer vacation for kids and both are en..