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Kaima Idly - Saravana Bhavan Restaurant Style

I love anything spicy and any recipes that uses leftover foods. Specially idlies and stuff like that..

Sambar Potato Roast / Roasted Potatoes flavoured with Sambar Powder

Hai guys, wish you a great monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend. And for everyone who celebrate..

Sweet Corn Pulav (Pilaf)

We were visited by my long time blog follower nafeesa yesterday, it was totally awesome. She came wi..

Cheesy Pizza Bites Recipe

I love pizzas, i make them often a year back. But now i have slowed myself in making them more often..

Eggless Coconut Basbousa / Egyptian Coconut Semolina Cake

I came across this recipe just a few weeks ago. I have seen this in cooking shows and in many other ..

Butter Chicken Roast

Anything cooked in butter is heaven, do you all agree to this. Then you will surely agree that this ..

Brinjal Bhajji / Brinjal Bajji / Deep fried Battered Brinjal

I love bajji's, they are hot, crispy, spicy and yum. We make them with a whole lot of veggies. You c..

Rava Kesari / Semolina Pudding / Sooji Kesari / Sooji Pudding

Being a southindian, and more than 2 years of blogging, i have no idea how i missed the most popular..

Mangai Vella Pachadi / Raw Mangoes Cooked in Spicy Jaggery Syrup

Me and Amma were cooking together yesterday. We found some raw mangoes freshly plucked from the tree..

Lemonade / Basic Lemonade Recipe

Lemonade is my favorite drink of all time. We call it as Lemon juice, and make it probably daily. Bu..

Banana Corn Flakes Muffins / Corn Flakes Muffins

I told you that i have been slowly getting into baking mood. Specially when i am in my amma's place ..

Green Vegetable Biryani / Biryani Cooked in a Coconut & Coriander Masala

Vegetable briyani is one of the recipe which takes place in our menu often. Each time i do it differ..