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Coconut Milk Rice / Coconut Rice - Keralan Style

This is a speciality dish from kerala...Many people have their own way of making it...My mum will ju..

Chilli Paneer

Chilli paneer I love paneer,In my blog you can see many paneer recipes..But this is my favorite d..

Methi pakora

Methi Pakora Fenugreek leaves are readily available in the market,but many of us wont choose that..

Chettinad Mushroom

Chettinad Mushroom Mushroom is my favorite vegetable ...I love it any time,Especially this dish i..

Lachha Paratha Recipe / Wheat Paratha Recipe

I have made a Flaky paratha post previously,That paratha is made with maida..But this is a flaky lac..

Cinnamon Bread

Cinnamon Bread This recipe is on my list for months..I always wanted to make this dish..I got thi..

Vegetable Biryani Made in Pressure Cooker

Vegetable Briyani Briyani is everyone’s favorite..But this one is for my vegetarian friends...It ..

Keralan Chicken Curry

Malabar Chicken Curry  This is a wonderful chicken dish cooked in coconut milk...This is a typical..

Toad in a Hole

Toad in the Hole  I got so many request for doing kids dishes..So I am starting that series from ..

Keralan Potato Stew

Potato Stew Todays keralan dish is gonna be the yummy potato stew..This is one of the dish that c..

A Chocolate Recipe and a Chocolate Book(Giveaway) for my 100th Post

Corn Flakes Chocolate I want to share a few words with you..This is my 100th post..I thank all o..

Baby Corn Biryani

This is a different kind of rice preparation with lots of different types of beans..This is a high p..

South Indian Chicken Fry

Chicken Fry I know I know, Fried chicken is everyone’s favorite..This is a southindian kind of fr..

Malabar Avial(Mixed Vegetables cooked with Coconut)

Malabar Avial A healthy dish which has lots of vegetables in it that is cooked in a lovely coconu..

Brinjal Curry(Keralan Style)

Brinjal Curry Today is my last post for blogging marathon group 2 regional special..This is a one..