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Amma's Pudhina Thogayal / Mint Thogayal / Mint Chutney With Coconut

This is my mom's secret mint chutney recipe. This is one of my absolute favorite recipe. This thogay..

Mango Popsicles - Summer Special Recipes

Popsicles are my favorite thing to do on a hot summer day. They are a great alternative for icecream..

Dry Pepper Chicken - Indian Style

Yesterday i had my baby shower celebrations in a traditional way. I am brought to my mum's place and..

Eggless Chocolate Beetroot Cake (NO BUTTER)

Carrot cakes are my absolute favorite ones, I have a normal carrot cake and a richly frosted america..

Cheesy Tomato Pasta Recipe

My younger sister loves pasta a lot. Specially the mac and cheese and pasta with tomato sauce. I am ..

Veg Milk Soup / Vegetable Milk Soup / Creamy Vegetable Soup with Milk

I dont make or love soups a lot, but i am eating a lots of it now just for my baby and my due date i..

Cucumber Mint Cooler / Cucumber Cooler / Cucumber Juice

This has become my favorite juice of all time. I never thought that a bland cucumber can taste this ..

Amla in Honey / How to Preserve Gooseberry(Amla) in Honey

This was one of the most requested recipe in this blog after i posted Amla Murabba recipe. The reaso..

Egg Thoran / Mutta Thoran / Scrambled Egg with Spicy Coconut Masala

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, what a lovely stuff it is..It is like a universal thing. You make anything with it..

Fish Briyani / Fish Dum Briyani / Spicy Fish Briyani Recipe

Briyani, Briyani and Briyani..Who hates it..No one right..It is truly a delicacy of india. You can m..

Mango Crumble Recipe - Single Serving

 If you crave for a sweet desert at anytime of the week, the the answer would be MAKE A CRUMBLE. It ..

Apple Dates Milkshake / Apple Milkshake - Healthy Milkshakes

When i don't feel like eating anything heavy for lunch, i first thing i go for is some milkshakes. B..