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Palada Payasam - A Guest Post for Divya !!

When Divya @ Divya's Culinary Journey invited me for her guest post,I happily accepted the opportuni..

Corn Flakes Mixture (Kerala Style ~ Low Fat version)

Corn flakes as we know is a cereal very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.Also, a very good sourc..

Lima Beans Stir fry / Avarakka Mezhukuparetti

Lima beans /Avarakka is not commonly found in our place but it is available in plenty at my husband'..

Sardine Fry / Mathi (Chala) Varuthathu

Sardine fry/ Mathi Varuthathu,a common menu entity in our place in Kerala and a popular one.I love t..

Homemade Apple Jam

Last week,we had gone for apple picking in the nearby farms here.And believe me,I never had such tas..

Egg fried rice (Chinese Style)

Chinese egg fried rice is a very common menu item in Chinese restaurants and a very popular one too...

How to make Ginger-Garlic Paste at home ??

Ginger-garlic paste is invariably a common ingredient in many dishes and has many healthy benefits o..

Announcing EP Series- Rosemary or Sesame

Another fabulous month started off,counting days for halloween by the end of this month.EP series th..

Kande Pohe | Beaten Rice(Aval) Upma

Kande Pohe /Aval Upma is a popular Maharashtrian snack recipe where in 'kande' refers to onion and '..

Spinach-Chicken | Palak-Chicken

Spinach chicken /Palak chicken is a greeny,creamy & delicious combo.Kids who make faces looking at p..

Chocolate Fudge Squares

Chocolate fudge is a delicious homemade milk fudge which can be easily made with just a few easily a..

How to make your own bread crumbs at home ??

Bread crumbs are mostly available in stores and then,why make these at home??True,but what do you do..

Apple Upside Down Cake

Apple upside down cake is a lovely glistening slices of sweet & sticky caramelised apple sitting hap..

Pineapple in yogurt & coconut sauce | Pineapple Pullissery

Pullissery refers to the yogurt based curry with coconut paste.Usually the regular affair of pulliss..

My 350th Post & Paal Payasam | Rice Kheer(Pressure Cooker Method)

Friends, Erivum Puliyum reached the milestone of 350 posts today.Thanx a bunch to all my blog frie..