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How to Freeze Carrot & Beans for Cooking - Freezer Friendly Recipes

Cooking is fun, but the prepping part is definitely not fun..Especially when you have got no time on..

?ா?ை ?ு?்?ை ??ு??் / Kaada Mutta Roast / Simple Quail Eggs Fry

We were roaming around our favorite supermarket, Suddenly I stopped infront of a small fridge kept o..

Mushroom Kurma(Korma) / Mushroom Cooked in a Creamy Coconut Milk Sauce

Hope you guys are getting ready for enjoying your weekend..I am already feeling it and getting into ..

?ொ?்???்?ி ??்?ா?்?ி / Coriander Chapati / Cilantro Paratha

We consume lots of chapati and roti than rice, which is usual with a typical southindian family. Bec..

Vegetable & Pasta Bake / Baked Vegetable & Pasta

Its been quite a few months since I tried any pasta dish. I even forgot about pasta.. I don't kn..

Baby Corn Golden Fries / Baby Corn Fry ( Chinese - Style )

I bought a packet of babycorn so many weeks back. I found it lying in the bottom of the my vegetable..

Simple Chicken Curry made in Microwave - Microwave Cooking Recipes

Everyone thinks that making curries is going to be the most time consuming thing to make. But I am g..

Simple Peas Pulav ( Pilaf ) Made in Rice Cooker - Rice Cooker Recipes

If you ask me what is the best invention in kitchen appliances glossary is a proper rice cooker. I o..

Onion Chicken Curry / Chicken Drumsticks Cooked in a Spicy Onion Gravy

Hai Friends…Hope everyone kick started their week with a blissful monday..My weekend was really a co..


Life is going so slow and lonely ever since hubby went on a office trip to delhi, he will be back af..