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Carrot & Basil Fried Rice

After coriander and mint leaves, my most favourite herb is basil leaves, i never stopped buying them..

Tirunelveli Godhumai Halwa~~IC Challenge

Since a week, am trying to come back to routine eventhough its kinda hard for me that why i couldnt ..

Quinoa Bisi Bele Bath

If you are a die hard fan of BBB aka Bisi bele bath, you will definitely love this super healthy qui..

Carrot Yellow Peas Sundal

Kids are still in summer vacation here, sometimes i have to break my head to feed them especially fo..

Green Lady

Green Lady is a refreshing summer drink, prepared with khus syrup made from the essence aka khus ext..

Peach Oats Crumble

Its been a long i baked crumble at home, this time i prepared a delicious peach crumble using oats a..

Rava Uppu Seedai

If you want to try out different crispy uppu seedais for Krishna Jayanthi celebration, you have to g..

Tomato Mini Idli Fry

During our vacation in India, my teddies enjoyed a lot mini idlis soaked in flavourful sambar,  they..

Garlic & Mint Chutney

A wonderful chutney suits prefectly to serve along with crispy dosas or soft idlies, i prepared this..

Orange Dates Smoothie

I dont need much to say anything about dates, most of us know that they are loaded with numerous hea..

Minty Oats Thattai

Seriously i was breaking my head to make some different savoury snacks for Krishna Jayanthi celebrat..

Spicy Tomato Orzo Soup

Most of our dinner goes for salads or soups, sunday's dinner soup is this quick,filling and spicy to..

MW Prawn Briyani

Today am starting blogging marathon, thanks to Srivalli for accepting me to run again this wonderful..

Banana, Pear & Chocolate Shake

We always like banana and chocolate combination as shake anytime, since my teddies are still in vaca..

MW Couscous Salad

I can have salads even everyday or even anytime of the day..Sometimes its kinda hard for my family m..