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Elepparathi/ Leaf rolled Malabar bread

                    There were lots of dishes I was quite fascinated with, which my mother in law..

Fruit Cake / Plum Cake

          There has been a lot of buzz in all cooking blogs for the last 2 weeks and everybody it se..

Mathan Thoran / Pumpkin Thoran and being Tagged

                As far as KB is concerned there had been not much ponderings on what to make for the..

Mushroom Pepper Curry

       There would not be any other place on earth which so depended on monsoon for their livelihood..

Gothambu Payasam / Whole wheat Payasam

                    Payasam is an inevitable dessert in most of the south Indian homes especially..

Cranberry Muffins

         I always have had a heart for red colour, when it comes to food.. That must be the reason w..

Beef Cutlet

              There are many Ifthar dishes I had postponed posting due to unavailability of time... ..

A travelogue and Mango Pudding

            A week long detachment from the blogging world and from my kitchen has made me a bunch o..

Ethappazham Pulissery

           Raw green plantains have long been used in many vegetarian preparations in Kerala. Puliss..

Pazham Nirachathu / Stuffed Plantain

                Mom in law had sent a bunch of plantains which grew in the kitchen garden. I was on ..


                        Small joys have their own pains.You cannot reach the top of a hill and luxur..

Chakka Varatti / Jack fruit pudding

           "Happiness is the gift of seeing the good things of life in such high relief that the res..

Thenga Choru / Coconut rice – A Malabar Approach

         Traditional dishes have always had a place in the heart of a Malabari in Ramadan. It is one..

Awards Galore!

         It has been a little while since I got these awards from my fellow bloggers. Though I was s..

Tharikkanji/ Thari kachiyathu

                                     Ramadan is coming to an end and I haven’t posted an ifthar di..