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It's a boy!

                        Finally the much awaited bundle of joy has arrived, Masha allah. It was o..


                  Outside, the weather has changed a lot. The bright sunlit days have gone and the c..

Kadai Chicken

            It’s time for chicken dishes again. I prefer to eat chicken in the cold season rather th..

Black Forest Cake

           This is one of my favourite cakes and one I have been planning to make for ages. I just c..


                 A nutritious and yummy dip which is very popular in the Middle East. Also known as..

Vanilla Cupcake

              The weather is not lately as much torturing. The grueling cold has subsided a bit and ..

Bean Sprouts Salad

                          Here is a delicious and highly nutritious salad to have in the winter. Mix..

Apple Pie

                    This word had fascinated me long before I even knew how to boil an egg or even m..

Cream of Broccoli Soup

         Who wouldn't love a steaming cup of incredibly delicious soup on a cold winter night? ..

Walnut Chocolate Brownie

"Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate! " ~ Sandra J. Dykes                        ..

Beetroot Thoran

                                                           When I was small and school going, ..

Fruit tarts with custard filling

                                      Vibrant colours in food always make me craving for them. ..

Almond Milk

                                                        Here is a delicious drink to serve your..

Ayala Thoran / Mackerel sauted with coconut and spices

                 Fishes are yummy. Life without fish is unimaginable. If they were bone less t..

Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli Kheer

                               When was it that the parties in Kerala started serving exotic p..