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Rava- Dates Unniyappam | Dates Paniyaram

Rava Dates unniyappam is a healthy snack that you can make for kids.Unniyappam had always been our f..

Quinoa Idlis | Healthy Breakfast Menu

Idlis are considered to be the most healthiest food in South Indian breakfast as it is easy to dig..

ABC Juice | Fruit -Vegetable Juice | Miracle Drink | Liver Detox

Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are full of powerful enzymes,antioxidants and nutrients that you c..

Eggless Vanilla Cake (Condensed milk)

Eggless Vanilla cake or basic cake can be made in many ways but here condensed milk is the star.I pe..

Kovakka Thoran | Ivy Gourd Stir Fry

We are on lent till Easter and so all vegetarian recipes are on high demand.I love eating hot steame..

Kerala Spicy Mixture ~ My Mom's Style

Kerala spicy mixture is a deep fried snack that you can make in large batches and store for over a m..

Kadai Mushroom | Veg Curry

Kadai Mushroom is a simple curry that can be served with chapathis/rotis/naan.Do you crack your head..

Eggless Basbousa | Middle Eastern Sweet Cake

Basbousa is a Middle Eastern sweet cake made with cooked semolina soaked in a simple sugar syrup(fla..

Pottukadalai Chutney | Split Dalia Chutney | Chutney for Idlis,Dosas

Chutneys are inevitable with idlis/dosas/uthappams/vadas.And each place has its unique way of making..

Panji Pullu(Ragi) Peechappam | Steamed Finger Millet Recipe

Ragi Peechappam (Steamed finger millet appams) is a healthy guilt free recipe that can be served as ..

Cream of Celery Soup | Veg Soup Recipes(No Cream)

Cold weather due to winter chills,or heavy rains  are perfect season to enjoy a bowl of warm soup.Wh..

Vendakka Paal Curry | Okra-Coconut milk Curry(Step wise Pics)

Vendakka paal curry is a Kerala speciality,mildly spiced coconut milk based curry that goes well wit..