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Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe / Mushroom Soup Recipe /

We have recently decided to have soups daily, Since it is very healthy for our body and helps in red..

Soft Ragi Idli Recipe / Finger Millet Idli Recipe

Adding millets in your diet is really good. But how to add it, we cannot just eat it as it is, or ma..

Open Faced Sandwich Recipe / Open Faced Cheese Sandwich Recipe

One evening i was feeling so hungry, i want something so immediately. So i raided my fridge and foun..

Street Food Egg Fried Rice Recipe / Egg Fried Rice Recipe

I have quite a few fried rice recipe in this blog, both veg and non veg. But this is one recipe whic..

Pepper Gobi Recipe / Cauliflower Pepper Fry Recipe / Gobi Pepper Fry Recipe

I made this quick pepper gobi yesterday and served it with my egg fried rice. It was so delicious, y..

Easy Chana Masala Recipe / Chole Masala Recipe / Chickpeas Curry Recipe

I love love love chole masala..I had quite a few variations of this curry in my blog..You can check ..

Papaya Smoothie Recipe / Papaya Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I love papayas. Specially when they are super ripe and sweet. I know super ripe papaya can get hard ..

Veggie Cheese Bagel Recipe / Veg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich Recipe

Healthy Burger or sandwich whatever you call..This is made with my best homemade bagel and my homema..

Vada Curry Recipe / Set Dosa Vada Curry Recipe

Vada Curry and Set Dosa, a quite famous combo in food. And it is often had as a breakfast meal, not ..

Set Dosa Recipe / Set Dosai Recipe / Poha Dosa Recipe / Soft Dosa Recipe

Set dosa, vada curry..Set dosa getti chutney..We hear this combo in lots of restaurant and hotels. S..

Instant Tomato Rasam Recipe

You know i make quite a lot of rasam as a part of my lunch. I like to experiment with it. You wont b..

Radish Capsicum Masala Recipe / Radish Masala Curry Recipe

This is my own invention. Last saturday, DH and me visited our local veg shop, i found some beautifu..