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Paneer Rice Pudding

Paneer is a good source of calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth, and also prevents oste..

Tomato Thokku Rice

A large consumption of tomato can help improve skin texture and color. Tomato is a good blood purifi..

RM#2 Day 20 - Sprouted Lentils Gravy

Sprouts are very nutritious because they contain all elements a plant needs for life and growth. The..

Eggless Brioche For Good Cause

Brioche, one of the famous highly enriched French bread, whose high egg and butter content give it w..

RM#2 Day 21 - French Beans Moongdal Stir-fry

French beans are neutral in nature and can be consumed frequently. French beans make great soups and..

RM#2 Day 22 - Rava Carrot Bonda

Rava Carrot Bonda, an easy, quick n tasty snacks for evening time, goes prefect with coconut chutney..

Simple Gobi Masala

Cauliflower  contains vitamin C and folate. Folate helps the blood work more efficiently and is ofte..

RM#2 Day 23 - Chocolate Ricotta Cheese Cake With Chocolate Gelatin Ganache

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet-tasting treats in the world and has been for centuries. C..

Red Cabbage Salad

Cabbage is anti – inflammatory vegetable Cabbage contains lactic acid that acts to disinfect colon....

Cherries Clafoutis

Cherries calfoutis is well known as Calfoutis aux cerises in french...this is one of the famous dess..

RM#2 Day 24 - Prawn Briyani

Prawns r good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, they r also excellent source of protein...having prawns..

RM#2 Day 25 - Carrot Poha Kheer

I have already prepared carrot kheer with almond n sago...they turned really delicious, now comes my..

Olaiappam - Sweet Idli

Olaiappam , sweet appam an authentic breakfast in TamilNadu...its a steamed version of appam..can be..

RM#2 Day 26 - Vegan Avocado Brioche

Avocado is a pear shape with dark green or blackish skin with a large seed. It is a fruit belonging ..

Vegan Peanutbutter Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

Peanutbutter am using for the first time for making some cookies...i never tried anything with peanu..