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Egg Omelette For Rasam Rice / Masala Omelette / Egg Omelet - Indian Style

If i feel very lazy to cook anything, the only thing which i do is a simple rasam and a egg dish. Fo..

Pepper Potato Recipe / Pepper Potato Roast

I wanted to share with you all a cool website which i came across. It is a website in which we can o..

Coconut Chutney / Kerala Style Coconut Chutney / Keralan Coconut Chutney

Making Coconut Chutney has become one of our daily duty, because we serve idli or dosa for breakfast..

Eggless Honey Walnut Cookies

One evening when i was browsing, i saw lots of baked recipes posted in blogs. I realized that i have..

Paneer 65 Recipe / Spiced & Fried Indian Cottage Cheese Cubes

Paneer is my favorite ingredients to play around other than chicken. Because what ever you make with..

Ellu Sadam / Sesame Seed Rice / Til Rice - Navaratri Recipes

During navaratri days, amma makes variety rice on each day and this recipe is one of them. I love th..

Nei Appam Recipe / Instant Nei Appam

Making nei appam can be time consuming, making the rice batter, fermenting it can be quite a big tas..

The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Ok i think you got it..This recipe is adapted from the famous pioneer woman's blog. And it was a hug..