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M&M Brownies

M&M Brownies I waited so long to post this recipe...You all know that I love brownies..You..

Fried Sweet Corn Nuggets

Fried Sweet Corn Nuggets Today’s recipe is a requested recipe from one of my friend...It is so e..

Chewy Oreo & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yields-20 cookies Recipe Source:Kaitlin in the Kitchen I always love oreo cookies,special..

Pasta Cooked in Chicken & Mushroom Cream Sauce

Hai Friends....Hope you all getting ready for a great weekend...I don’t know about you,But I am read..

Cilantro Pesto (Pesto with a Twist)

  Happy Saturday Guys!!! Untill I came across this recipe,I thought pesto is a..

Simplest Pizza Sauce Ever

Its really hard to find pizza hater.If any one of you there hate pizza...I am sorry to say this you ..

CocoCola Cupcake & Giveaway Winner

Hai Friends....Happy Sunday First of all I have to ask sorry to you all for announ..

Chocoholic Chocolate Frosting

I love to frost cakes,cupcakes ,cookies......And the first choice of frosting will be always Chocola..

Cilantro Pesto Pizza

Remember the cilantro pesto recipe I posted the other day..And this is the continuation of that reci..

Angel’s Food Cake and a Wedding Story

Hai Friends...Hope you had a great day...I am having my Happiest Days in my Life... Its rain..

Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews & Peppers

Hai Guys...Hope you are doing great...And many of you asked me about my fiancée and his photo..I hav..

Focaccia Bread Flavoured with Rosemary,Onions and Olives

I love making bread,specially breads which have lots of flavour like this one...This bread has a lov..

Chicken & Pesto Sandwich with Focaccia Bread

  Yesterday I posted the recipe for focaccia bread and todays recipe is gonna be a sandwich whic..

Cheesy Garlic Bread using Focaccia Bread

Hai Friends Hope you all are enjoying a Great Saturday... You all know that I love garlic a ..

Sweet Corn Chowder

When I was going through Jamie oliver website,I came across this recipe and I want to try it as soon..