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Fried Bread Roll Stuffed with Sweet Corn Filling

I love sweet corn in any thing. I even add sweet corn in the pulav which I make. I love sweet corn s..

Chicken Pilaf / Chicken Pulav

This is one of the simplest rice preparation you could ever make...It just needs only 30 or so minut..

Chicken Clear Soup

  Soups are the only dish that is completely dedicated for winter and cold day. I am doing BM in..

Mixed Vegetable Pakora / Deep Fried Vegetable Fritters

Deep fried foods are perfect for cold weather right..But I do feel a little bit guilty when I eat th..

Soft Ginger Cookies – Christmas Special Recipes

Ok Christmas is on its way and lets start doing some good stuffs..I was going through nigella christ..

Brinjal Puli Kulambu / Brinjals Cooked in a Spicy Tamarind Sauce

  Puli kulambu is one of our family favorite and amma makes it more than twice in a week. Each t..

Chapati Noodles – For Left Over Chapati / Lunch Box Recipes

My system got totally sick yesterday and I couldn’t update anything.  It got fixed just now and I am..

Murungai Keerai Thoran / Drumstick Leaves with Coconut & Shallots

  A awesome dish which travels straight from the region of kerala into my kitchen. This dish has..

Rawa Payasam / Sooji Kheer – Karthigai Deepam Special Recipes

  Hai Karthigai Deepam Friends.. Hope everyone is enjoying a bright colourful festival.  We made..

Eggless Sweet French Toast – Easy Breakfast Ideas

  If you are a non-egg eaters and you love to have a perfect french toast without eggs then this..

Homemade Fried Potato Tots / Tater Tots – Indian Style

Hai Friends..How is your day going..I have planned to do lots of baking for Christmas. Currently my ..