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Healthy Chicken Shawarma Recipe

I have tasted shawarma quite a few times here in restaurants. All the time it tasted like they have ..

Wheat Kulcha Recipe

I make chapati more often, i would say daily. But sometimes i feel like having something different. ..

Bombay Masala Toast Recipe / Potato Masala Toast Recipe

Okay here i am with another favourite recipe of mine..I made this few weeks back and was totally lov..

Schezwan Baby Potatoes Recipe / Schezwan Potatoes Recipe

Yesterday when we went to our veg market, i found some baby potatoes there. Its been a while since i..

Tava Mushroom Recipe / Tawa Mushroom Recipe

I can never stop buying mushrooms, i love them so much. I buy them whenever i see them in the veg ma..

Mint Vegetable Biryani Recipe / Pudhina Veg Biryani Recipe

Biryani is what i often make, atleast once in two weeks. Since it is so easy to make, plus it taste ..

Eggless Pound Cake Recipe / Cashew Pound Cake Recipe

Simple and easy cakes is what i love a lot. The cake with no cream, the cake which can be had with a..

Chicken Dalcha Recipe

Dalcha is a gravy dish which has any meat which is cooked with dal and veggies in it. It is more lik..

Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

Few weeks back we went to our favourite veg restaurant, usually i dont order soup there. But this ti..

Grilled Vegetable Masala Sandwich Recipe

I have already told you that me and hubby have been living on sandwiches for the past month. So i ha..

Salt and Pepper Broccoli Recipe

Few weeks back we went to a restaurant, there i ordered salt and pepper prawns, that was the first t..

Capsicum Cheese Paratha Recipe

Stuffed parathas are so versatile recipe, because you can pretty much stuff anything inside a parath..