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Apple halwa recipe, Without milk

Apple halwa with just 3 main ingredients. Apple halwa recipe without milk or khoya. Learn how to mak..

Thengai paal murukku recipe, Coconut milk murukku

Coconut milk murukku prepared with rice flour, moong dal flour and coconut milk as main ingredients...

Dry fruits laddu recipe, dry fruits ladoo, no sugar Diwali recipes

Dry fruits laddu recipe prepared with cashews, almonds, pistachios sweetened with raisins, figs and ..

slow-cooked classic chicken chettinad curry.

Classic chicken Chettinad- make a pot of this curry and taste a little bit of India and Chettinad cu..

Wholemeal Banana Bread

  I always feel it isn’t necessary to make something fresh for breakfast like the Muhalla or the Cap..

Warm Chicken Salad

  Rasha is at a very peculiar age. She is on her way to 12 and sometimes I get jitters thinking that..

The Blackbeard Cocktail

This Halloween cocktail is sinfully dark, and would be the perfect drink to frighten your guests wit..

Marvel Tea Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe

Watermelons are amazing, healthy and give a sensational cooling effect. Pair that with iced tea and ..

Blood Clot Shots

Halloween is almost upon us, and things are getting spooky! If you still haven’t thought up a great ..

5 Cocktails You Must Try This Halloween

Blood Clot Shots The Blackbeard Cocktail Pumpkin Pie Shots Poisoned Apple Cocktail Jack O Lantern Co..

Fresh and Nutty Almond Pesto Pasta

Can''t decide what to make for a quick and yummy dinner? We bring you this refreshing and easy-to-ma..

Gilmore Girls Apple Tart Recipe

Bite into this sinfully delicious tart and you’d want to make it all through winter. We got an inspi..

Bloody Shirley Temples

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to amp up your Halloween party then try this Bloody Shirley..

Diwali Special Orange Sandesh Recipe (Hindi)

पनीर से बना स्वादिष्ट व्यंजन, ऑरेन्ज सनदेश ना केवल छारत में मशहुर है, साथ ही विदेश के भारतीय मिठाईयो..