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Paneer ghee roast recipe

Paneer ghee roast is a simple paneer starter prepared within minutes using simple flavourful spice i..

couscous-tangerine-grape with honey-lime sweet dressing.

couscous-tangerine-grape with honey lime dressing- sweet, tangy with hints of mint, this beautiful f..

How to make rice cooker-School lunch box mock biryani.

Rice cooker-school lunch box mock biryani- make this easy biryani for kids school meal or pack it up..

Erachi Kinnapathiri ~ Malabar Steamed Meat Cakes

  We are now in the last ten days of Ramadan – the best nights ever. Many a times it happens to me t..

Vegetable Makhani

Ingredients 1. Vegetables – Carrot – 1 small, Potato – 1 medium, Cauliflower – 1.5 cup, cut into med..

Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Everyone always needs that one easy to go to recipe when comes to Cookies, actually even for chocola..

Kara Chapati Recipe – Spicy Paratha Recipe

Kara Chapati Recipe – Spicy Paratha Recipe with step wise pictures. Delicious and spicy chapati whic..

Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Quesadilla Recipe

Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Quesadillas with step wise pictures. Easy and healthy chicken spinach quesa..

Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Icing

Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Icing with step wise pictures. Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Icing..

dates milkshake recipe | date shake recipe | khajoor shake | khajoor milk

dates milkshake recipe | date shake recipe | khajoor shake | khajoor milk with step by step photo an..

Oats cornflakes ladoo recipe, Easy oats cornflakes ladoo

Oats cornflakes ladoo recipe an easy and quick ladoo recipe.I wanted to try this combo as ladoo and ..

Fried Chicken Curry

Ingredients (Serves 7) 1. Chicken – 1.5 kg, cleaned and cut into medium pieces 2. Turmeric powder – ..

The Powerpuff Girls Broccoli With Cheese Recipe For Kids

Some cartoons are hard to forget and while its still on television, kids relate a lot to The Powerpu..

Mango Cooler Cocktail

If you’re looking for an easy summer cocktail (in under 5 ingredients) then you’ll absolutely love t..

Khakhra Recipe (Hindi)

Gujarati snacks or farsan as they are collectively known, are often romanticized with crunch, spice,..