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Goan Vegetable Curry (Step by Step Pics)

Goan vegetable curry is a simple veg curry that pairs well with parathas, naan or jeera rice or ghee..

Double Chocolate Biscotti (Step by Step Pics)

The other day I was longing to have some biscottis to be dipped in hot piping chai(tea). Biscottis a..

Black tea recipe – How to make basic black tea

Black tea is a simple refreshing drink without milk. Black tea recipe with step by step pictures and..

Bournvita mug cake recipe – eggless & without oven

Bournvita mug cake an eggless version with wheat flour and without oven. Bournvita mug cake with ste..

Cabbage Moong dal Poriyal / Muttaikose Pasi Paruppu Poriyal

  This cabbage moong dal poriyal / muttaikose pasi paruppu poriyal is our most favorite cabbage rec..


Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog!  Today I am sharing recipes of delicacies that we made for a sp..

Mutton curry/மட்டன் குழம்பு

Mutton curry/மட்டன் குழம்பு Mutton curry is prepared by cooking the mutton in a coconut based grav..

Mutton pepper fry / மட்டன் மிளகு பிரட்டல்

Mutton pepper fry / மட்டன் மிளகு பிரட்டல்  Mutton pepper fry /mutton milagu pirattal, is a pepper ..

Nungu rose milk recipe, Ice apple rosemilk recipe

Nungu rose milk is a great summer coolant and a delicious drink. Nungu rose milk recipe with step by..

Beetroot pasta recipe

Beetroot pasta a quick, healthy and nutritious way to include pasta along with cheese, topping and s..

Pappali Kai Kootu | Raw Papaya Kootu

Raw Papaya (Pappali kai) is one of the most nutritious and fiber rich fruit. From antioxidants to vi..

Peerkangai Masiyal | Ridgegourd Masiyal

Peerkangai Masiyal, a simple and easy to make stew with the richness of toor dal and ridge gourd. Th..

Chakka Appam | Steamed Jackfruit Parcels(Step by Step Pics)

Chakka appam as the name suggests, an appam steam cooked with ripe jackfruit bulbs, rice flour, grat..


  Hi friends, welcome to my blog. Today I am sharing a roundup of all the recipes I wrote for the A..

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Recipe

“Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. These pillow like doughnuts have a secret..