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Hyderabadi khichdi recipe

Hyderabadi khichdi recipe, a tasty breakfast made with rice, masoor dal & aromatic spices that are s..

Muringakaaya Chelli Parippu Curry ~ Malabar Drumstick Lentil Curry with Dried Shrimp

  Time for the second week of the Blogging Marathon #88! After choosing “Protien Rich Ingredient” as..

Mushroom Beef Ularthiyathu

A simple yet delicious nadan style beef and mushroom dish that can be served with rice or chapathis...

Garlic Butter Baked Fish

Ingredients (Serves 3) 1. Fish fillet – 3 (I used tilapia) Salt Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp Chilly flake..

Mexican Coffee Milkshake Recipe (Hindi)

The mercury has crossed the 40-degree mark and it''s only May! So, it''s only wise to amp yourself w..

Harry Potter Mrs. Weasley’s Mince Pie Recipe

Harry Potter is too used to this by now and post-book world where Potter lives on, maybe still recei..

Mango Pineapple Rum Punch

While the mango is said to be the king of fruits, we only get to partake of the delicious fruit for ..

Top 10 Millet Recipes For Breakfast

What with diseases like diabetes, heart ailments and cancer on the rise and people turning towards h..

Mango Michelada

Apart from michelada’s looking so damn Instagrammable, they also taste delicious. Since it’s mango s..

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe (Hindi)

Sandwiches are awesome. And you know what''s better than sandwiches? Ice cream. And what''s even bet..

Highway Movie Sugarcane Juice Recipe In Hindi

The movie Highway is a brilliant film by Imtiaz Ali and each time you watch it, the more you want to..

Mango Kulfi Recipe (Hindi)

Indian cuisine is rich in every course, – from starters to desserts. Desi food too has it''s own ren..

Mango Mojito

One of the best things about a mojito is that you can you can adapt it to suit the fruit that’s in s..

Avocado Pasta with Smoky Pecans

Avocado Pasta with Smoky Pecans. This 20 Minute Creamy Avocado Basil Sauce is great over spaghetti o..

drumstick sambar recipe | murungakkai sambar recipe | drumstick recipes

drumstick sambar recipe with step by step pics. one of the sambar varieties, i make pretty often is ..