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Mutton Rasam Recipe / Lamb Rasam Recipe / Mutton Soup Recipe

I have been mentioning this recipe in my mutton thoran recipe. It is one of the yummiest rasam i mad..

Nuts Cookies Recipe / Mixed Nuts Cookies

Sorry for my absence these many days, i have been a little busy in preparing for the finale of the c..

Spicy Fish Fry / Spicy Masala Fish Fry

Finally i am back from my long vacation. This is how it went, we first went to chennai and attended ..

Homemade Chilli Oil Recipe / Chilli Oil Recipe

I have been planning to make singapore fried rice for a while. Then i found that it need chilli oil ..

Simple Crab Curry Recipe / Crab Curry Recipe

Cooking crab has always been my wish, but i was quite scared to clean those and cook it. I have been..

Pina Colada Recipe / Pineapple Pina Colada Recipe

Kind of unsual combo between pineapples and coconut milk, but really works. You have to try this pin..

Cassata Icecream Recipe / How to Make Cassata Ice cream at Home

Love Love Love Cassata Icecream. One o f my favorite is Arun Cassata Icecream. I can eat tons of the..