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Iftar drink recipe without sugar – Sabudana Drink Recipe – Sago Milk Recipe – സാഗോ മിൽക്

Iftar drink recipe without sugar – Sabudana Drink Recipe – Sago Milk Recipe – സാഗോ മിൽക് Looking for..

Lentil Keema Pav Casserole (Vegan Mince Curry bread bake)

Lentil Keema Pav Casserole combines two time-consuming Indian dishes into one, easy-to-make, one-pot..

Sheet Pan Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla

Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside sheet pan pepperoni quesadilla is a fun and craveable d..

Baked Sticky Sesame Mushrooms

These Sticky Sesame Mushrooms are baked in the oven along with the most addictive sweet and salty st..

Chana Papdi Chaat Recipe

chana papdi chaat recipe | chole papdi chaat | chana papri chaat with step by step photo and video r..

Gur Ka Sharbat | Jaggery Juice – Healthy Summer Drink

gur ka sharbat recipe | jaggery juice | healthy summer drinks with step-by-step photo and video reci..

Aloo Tikki

Hungry for more? Check out... MariasMenu Hungry for more? Check out... MariasMenu..

Vada Pappu - Kosambari - Ram Navami Recipes

Vada Pappu or Kosambari is a healthy & nutritious salad that is made as one of the neivedhyams for S..

Neer Mor - Sambaram - Majjiga

Neer Mor is a popular drink of South India made during the hot summers and as an offering to Lord Ra..

Tofu Curry Recipe (Restaurant Style)

Tofu Curry, a perfect vegan & gluten-free dish that''s brimming with flavors, deliciousness and nutr..

100+ Indian Dinner Recipes & Ideas

Indian Dinner Recipes for any day of the week! Enjoy the wonderful flavors of authentic Indian cooki..

Millet Khichdi Recipe

Millet Khichdi is a nutritious Indian khichdi with millets, lentils, and vegetables. Learn to make t..

Kashmiri Kahwa | Kahwa Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa is a comforting warm drink popular in the Himalayan valley. Kashmiri Kahwa is made by..

Strawberry Beet Juice

Strawberry-Beet juice works as a healthy detox for the body, and so can be added to a healthy breakf..