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Ava pettina daddojanam recipe, how to make curd rice

Ava pettina daddojanam, a mustard flavored yogurt rice tempered with Indian spices. How to make curd..

Neer mor, South Indian buttermilk recipe

Neer mor, South Indian buttermilk recipe is a tasty, spiced summer drink with health benefits. How t..

Kosambari recipe, moong dal salad

Kosambari, is a healthy, South Indian moong dal salad made with cucumber, coconut & moong dal to cel..

Mamidipandu perugu pachadi, Andhra style ripe mango chutney

Mamidipandu perugu pachadi, an easy, Andhra style sweet mango chutney made with ripe mango, curd & I..

Mango raita recipe

Mango raita recipe,a quick yogurt chutney or dip made with ripe sweet mango, curd (dahi) & Indian sp..

Mavinakayi chitranna recipe, mango rice Karnataka style

Mavinakayi chitranna recipe, a tasty, easy raw mango rice preparation, Karnataka style and the best ..

Amrakhand, mango shrikhand recipe

Amrakhand recipe, an easy, homemade Marathi sweet preparation with mango & hung curd or yogurt. Make..

Kerala style Prawns and Plantain Curry, Ethakkaya-Chemmeen Curry

Ingredients: Prawns, cleaned and deveined - 400 Gms Raw Plantain - 1 large, 250 Gms Onion, ...Direct..

Mango pudding recipe

Mango pudding, an eggless mango dessert recipe made with mango puree, agar agar or china grass, milk..

Creamy Carrot Semiya Payasam with Condensed Milk, Gajar Kheer

Ingredients: Carrot, finely grated - 1 cup Vermicelli - 1 cup Hot milk - 1 ...Directions:Initial Pre..

Mango rabri recipe

Mango rabri recipe, a rich, fruity Indian dessert made with milk, mango puree & sugar. How to make m..

Mango sandesh recipe

Mango sandesh recipe, a tasty, easy Indian sweet made with chenna, mango puree & sugar. How to make ..

Eggnog-Orange Cake with Orange Glaze

Ingredients:For Cake:All-purpose flour - 3 cups Baking Powder - 3 ...Directions:Initial Preparatio..

Mango falooda recipe

Mango falooda recipe, a delicious summer dessert preparation made with faluda sev, mango puree, mang..

Kerala style Seared Mutton Curry

Ingredients: Mutton – 1 Kg, cut into medium pieces Coconut oil – 3-4 ...Directions:Initial Preparati..