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Paneer Masala stuffed Ragi Masala Dosa

Paneer, this Indian cheese is our family favourite, my fridge will always have this cheese. If i don..

Purple Cabbage, Potato Paratha

We are potato lovers, everyone at home can have potatoes as anything everyday. If i make parathas wi..

Ava Pettina Aratikaaya Kura/Mustard Flavoured Raw Banana

Andhra style side dishes are my favourite, whenever i feel like having something spicy and different..

Kurukku Kaalan/ Raw Banana in Yogurt Gravy

After an authentic Andhra style side dish, am taking you all to God's own country, yes my today's po..

Raw Banana Paratha

When i picked raw banana as my star ingredient for this blogging marathon under the theme one vegeta..

Black Forest Buns

I have planned so many bakes specially for valentine's day but as usual i couldnt bake anything for ..

Wacky Cake

Wacky cake is a cocoa based cake without milk or eggs and a super spongy cake. This cake is simple t..

Baked Chocolate Pudding/Baked Brownie Pudding

After a vegan Wacky cake, my culinary experience with this week's theme of blogging marathon goes ag..

Eggless Chocolate Tart with Eggless Chocolate Mousse

I dont want to repeat again that am a chocoholic person, obviously you can see lovely array of choco..

Buttery Orange Flavoured Sweet Naan

You might have heard about the famous Kashmiri naan stuffed with dry fruits but my today's recipe go..

Coconut Pulao/White Pulao

Am a person who love to dish out easy breezy dishes whenever am in hurry or lazy to cook. If you go ..

Ragi Chocolate Shake

I seriously want to clear few of my drafts since a long, finally today i got a chance to post one am..

Cookies & Strawberries Trifle

Trifle is a layered dessert and you can make them easily with a layer of cake,followed by fruits and..

Bazlama - Turkish Bread

As per wiki, Bazlama is a popular flatbread made from wheat flour, water, table salt, and yeast. Aft..

Kurukkan Pol Roti - Srilankan Coconut Roti

The most popular type of roti of Srilanka is Pol roti, this stove topped flat bread made either with..