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Announcing Cooking With Seeds-Dals

I cant imagine my pantry without dals, usually we never failed to cook or have dals atleast once a d..

Chickpea/Channa Dal Halwa~~SNC Challenge

First day of every month, i know most of us will check our mails just to know wat we guys have to co..

Valentine's Day Recipe Event Roundup & The Winner of E-gift Voucher

I never thought that Valentine's Day Recipe event will be this much successful, thanks to each and e..

Makhana/Puffed Lotus Seeds Pakodas

As like most of the food bloggers,my pantry is always filled with many spices,masala powders and man..

Matar Makhana/Puffed Lotus Seeds & Peas Gravy

If i make rotis for our dinner, i usually goes for a quick chutney or else i'll serve the rotis simp..

Eggless,Butterless Peppermint Tea & Pistachios Muffins

During my last weekend in London, i have completely fallen in love with peppermint tea, you may thin..

Gulkand & Makhana Kheer/Rose Petal Preserve and Puffed Lotus Seeds Kheer

Dunno about you all,being a South Indian my tastebuds always crave for North Indian foods,earlier mo..

Tikhat Mithachi Puri & Batate Kachrya

Sunday lunch is always special at our place, every sunday i have to make something with meats,but th..

Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu/Chettinad Chicken Gravy

Chettinade cuisine, one of the famous cuisine i have seen rarely people saying 'no'. This cuisine ha..

Rendez Vous With A Foodie - A New Event with Priya R of Cook Like Priya

Blogspot,the virtual mom is getting more and more new babies, obviously a four years old blogger lik..

Monkey Bread

Thank god, my interest in baking and cooking pulled me to join in many challenges, else i might be v..

Mint Tea & Pistachios Chocolate Fudge

Some of the food events are really challenging and they will pull you definitely to think beyond you..

Goan Egg Drop Curry

As usual, today am starting again the famous three days of blogging marathon,for this week's theme i..

Doce Bhaji/Goan Lapsi

My culinary journey towards Goa goes for an another wonderful sweet dish called doce bhaji, this dis..

Goan Dal/Toi

For the past three days, the weather is getting too worst here, either its rainy or else its too chi..