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Kaju Makhana Masala/Cashew, Lotus Seeds Masala

Most of our dinner goes for salads,soups and chapathis or rotis, obviously whenever i make our India..

Ragi Nippattu/Kezhvaragu Thattai/Fingermillet Nippattu

Are you surprised to read the name of this post?? yep i prepared these thattais yesterday evening wi..

Kesar Mawa Burfi

 Wishing you all a happy, joyful, safe and colourful Diwali... Today is Diwali, and Indians all..

Ragi Kuzhipaniyaram/Fingermillet Masala Paniyaram

Tea time is the best moment of the day for most of us after an hectic day, obviously tea time snacks..

Drumstick Leaves and Potato Cutlet/Aloo Tikkis with Drumstick Leaves

Cutlets or tikkis can be an excellent evening snacks depending upon the way how they are prepared. S..

100 Kid's Lunch Box Recipes - Indus Ladies Ebook

You might have seen in some blogs about Indus Ladies Ebook, an Ebook which is completely free and pr..

Damper - Australian Bread/ Damper - Le Pain Australien/Aborigéne

Damper, this Australian bread can be prepared with less ingredients and no yeast is needed for makin..

Sorakkai Mor Kuzhambu & French Beans Paruppu Usili - No Onion No Garlic

As a foodie,i love to have food with prefect side dish or gravy. I will never fail to take much effo..

Set Dosai and Vada Curry

Most of the South Indians especially the Tamilians will definitely enjoy their breakfast if they are..

Masala Rava Khichdi & Flaxseed Coconut Chutney

Khichdi, this breakfast dish is simply prepared with semolina aka rava with a variety of vegetables ..

Vivikam Cake/Vivikum Cake - Pondicherry Christmas Cake

Been born and brought up in Pondicherry, i finished my schooling in Catholic schools, obviously Chri..

Kajira/Maida Biscuits/Pondicherry Christmas Special Biscuits

Kajira/Gejira/Gaejira/Maida biscuits/Sangu Biscuits/Shell biscuits, name this biscuits as anything, ..

Pondicherry Plum Cake/Christmas Plum Cake

You might have crossed many plum cakes in your life, even i have seen so many but still today's post..

Five-Strands Braided Challah Bread

Challah bread, i have already tried couple of challah breads but this bread is something i want to m..

Badam Halwa - Rajasthani Special

Badam halwa or Indian almond fudge, which is highly delicious and definitely a quick sweet to make.T..