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Semiya Laddu | Vermicelli Balls

Laddus are sweet balls that are made during festive occasions or other joyful moments.Though laddus ..

Pineapple Cobbler

Cobbler refers to a variety of dishes consisting of a fruit or savory filling poured into a baking d..

Thai Chillies Pickle | Mulakku Uppilitta Achar

Chillies Pickle | Mulakku Uppilitta achar are best served with curd rice or plain rice.This is a sim..

Beet Greens Dal (Curry)

Dal /Lentils curry is always a comfort food in many Indian homes.Not only the comfort part,its healt..

Kulkul ~ A Mangalore Christmas Delicacy

Kulkul,the name itself may sound strange.This is a mangalore christmas speciality and speaking about..

Neapolitan Christmas Cake

 Baking Partners#5 challenge for this month is Christmas Cakes and we were suggested three wonderful..

Pepper Chicken Chettinadu

Chettinad recipes are always well known for its flavor through ages.And a famous menu entity in most..

Christmas Wreath Cookies

Christmas is just few days to go and kids were in a mood to bake something sweet where they can help..

Baked Fish Sticks

Winters and holidays combined together always demands something hot to munch,may that be any good ap..

Piped Butter Cookies : A Guest Post For Siri

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,and behold,everything is softer and more beautiful." ..

Squid Curry | Kanava Curry & A Gift Voucher !!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Thanx everyone for the wishes through mails,comments & fb messa..

Dates Pickle | Eenthappazham Achar (Malabar Style)

Dates pickle / Eenthapazham achar is a speciality of Malabar and it best pairs with Thalassery biriy..

Announcing EP Series -Nutmeg or Parsley

Wishing all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year !!! EP Series starts its journey with a new year, n..

Coffee Pudding- A Guest Post for Sumanarthy's Kitchen

            "ANOTHER FRESH NEW YEAR IS HERE..          ANOTHER YEAR TO LIVE..          TO BANI..

Drumstick Curry (Kerala style) | Muringakka Thengarachu Curry

Winters are real hard time to get over in the mornings especially when you feel to just wrap in the ..