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Sprouted Moongdal Dumpling Kurma

Usually i'll make sprouts at home mostly with green moong and very rarely with chickpeas, these both..

Tawa Sprouted Channa

As i told earlier, i prepared some moong and channa sprouts at home, also guys i have already today ..

Moong Sprouts Cutlets

Have you ever tried making cutlets aka tikkis with sprouts?? if not you guys have to make some. Two ..

Coffee Muffins

Life is getting more interesting now, got a bunch of good friends aka well wishers in this immense v..

Foxtail Millet & Moong Sprouts Pongal

Been born and brought up in South India, pongal is one of the my most favourite breakfast before few..

Eggless Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a well known Italian dssert and the word tiramisu means pick me up or lift me up,this de..

Basil Pesto Pasta

I dont like pesto that much before, dunno wat happened to me suddenly i started loving this herbs ba..

Announcing Cooking with Seeds-Peanuts

Am here again to host my own event Cooking with seeds, the host of this month was bit busy with her ..

Dhokar Dalna/Bengali Lentils Cakes Curry~~SN Challenge

Dhokar dalna is a traditional Bengali lentil cakes curry which is served during pooja or as a part o..

Moong Sprouts Thoran & Announcing Vegan Thursdays

We a group of food bloggers started a new event and named it as Vegan Thursdays, this event starts f..

Mini Broccoli Pesto Pizza ~~Home Bakers Challenge

Baking is one of my stress burster, i can bake for hours and i love it. Actually while chitchatting ..

Bottlegourd,Mushroom & Peanuts Kootu

I cant imagine my life without dal based gravies,especially the kootu. Kootu served with rice topped..

Grated Mango Pickle

After a small break from this blogging world, am here with a fingerlicking mango pickle with raw man..

Mango, Carrot and Corn Salad

I dont want to say again and again that most of our dinner will be either salads or soups. For this ..

Raw Mango Rice/Maanga Sadham

Raw mango rice is one of my favourite rice dish as like lemon rice. But dunno why i havent posted my..