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Potato -Cauliflower Stir fry / Aloo-Gobi Masala

Potato- cauliflower stir fry is a very simple and tasty recipe.Potato,a perfect veggie combined with..

Pasted Chicken ~ Roasted Chicken (less oil)

Pasted chicken  is yet another delightful recipe and in other words can be called as roasted chicken..

Banana Oats Bar ~Sugarless(4 ingredient; A healthy guilt free snack)

Bananas are wonder working fruit and I had a very good experience experimenting with it..The earlier..

Rasagullas & A Happy Diwali To All !!!

"Wishing All  A Happy n Prosperous Diwali  !!!! " Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets al..

Dates Cake (Eggless, Butterless)~ Best baked healthy cake !!!!

Its long time since I wished to bake this dates cake,but somehow every time this got postponed.Now t..

Cranberry Sauce (Delight of Thanks Giving)

Cranberries are one of the fresh  fruits which I saw it for the first time after coming to US,althou..

Tandoori Chicken in an oven ( Spicy n tangy flavor with 2 tsp oil)

Tandoori chicken in an oven???Sounds funny right?? I too was under the same impression,how can you m..

Sweet Moongdal Puffs (healthy snack recipe)

Laziness is the other word for winter for me..I think most of you will agree too :-) But at the same..

My 150th post and A Sponge Cake Roll !!!!!

How fast time flies off?It was a time when I just started the blog and now I have crossed 150 posts...

Moongdal - Rice Khichadi | Quick & Easy,One Pot Meal & A Liebster Award !!

Challenging recipes  are good to try and feel satisfied if the outcome is good,so was my trial to th..

Nutella Palmiers (2 ingredient;Sweet cookies from Puff Pastry Sheet)

The word 'Palmier' may sound weird and complicated but the recipe sounds very simple and kids will d..

Announcing My First Blog Event - Christmas Delicacy !!!!!

Hi Friends, Iam happy to announce my first blog event and am all excited about it.I have chosen Ch..

Duplicate Pop Corn Chicken ( Less Coating,More Chicken )

Pop corn chicken,is a recipe all of us like whenever we are eating out !!But many a time I always ho..

Vanilla Bars (Vanilla cake with a Twist,vanilla wafers,ricotta cheese &)

A strange recipe name,Isn't it ??I too wondered for a while to name the recipe but then this is the ..