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Strawberry juice recipe

Fresh strawberry juice recipe in detail-It is always a golden moment to go back to basics. Learn how..

Instant bajra sweet porridge recipe, Kambu kanji recipe

Instant bajra porridge recipe a quick and healthy breakfast.Easy kambu kanji  with step by step pict..

Rasam Using Store Bought Rasam Powder

Usually I make rasam using homemade rasam powder or with freshly ground instant rasam podi. But rece..

Seven Cup Burfi –7 Cup Cake Recipe

Seven cup burfi recipe was in my bookmarks list for years. I thought seven cup cake tastes more like..

Sprouted Green Gram Salad – Sprouts Salad Recipe

Whenever I think of weight loss, we eat this sprouts salad for lunch instead of our regular meals wi..

Vazhaipoo Mor Kootu – Banana Flower Kootu For Rice

Vazhaipoo mor kootu is a delicious side dish for rice prepared with banana flower, moong dal, coconu..

Babycorn Pulao | Pilaf

Babycorn manchurian is one of my favorite babycorn recipe and most of the time I end up doing the sa..

Beetroot Masala Recipe

Beetroot is one of my favorite vegetable and I must have said this umpteen times by now, you have to..

Paneer Butter Masala | Restaurant Style Recipe

Most of us like panner and paneer butter masala recipe is no exception.  Piping hot naan and paneer ..

Eggless Tutti Frutti Cookies | Icebox Cookies Recipe

I baked these tutti fruitti cookies for friends as I said in my previous post along with the Orange ..

Merry Christmas

Wishing all reader Merry Christmas And to my sister Happy Birthday..

Rendezvous 2011

First thing first, a very warm Birthday wishes to dear Mr & Mrs. Parsai. Happy Birthday sweetest Son..

Happy New Year 2012

Wishing all readers a very Happy, Prosperous &Peaceful New Year Remember the laughter,..

Eggless Chocolate Walnut Cookies | Brownie Cookies Recipe

To mark start of the year I’m posting this soft, crunchy and delicious Eggless Chocolate Walnut Cook..

Chicken Clear Soup | Oil Free Cooking

After chocolate walnut cookies, I thought of posting this easy chicken soup recipe which can be made..