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Guntur Chicken Fry

Guntur Chicken fry,a spicy fry with freshly ground masala paste.Its a great party starter or an acco..

Hot Milk Cake

Hot milk cake is one of the easiest and delicious sponge cake that i have ever made. You can make th..

Thengai poli recipe, how to make coconut poli

Thengai poli, coconut poli, I would say thengai poli is the most yummiest poli of all I have tried. ..

Chocolate Covered Apples

I know it''s not technically fall yet... but when school starts and September 1st  goes by.... I''m ..

Chicken Burger

Ingredients:For Chicken Patties:Ground or finely minced Chicken Breast Meat - 500 ...Directions:Mi..

Light Lemon Curd

  I did mention in my last post in July that I would be travelling primarily for my B’s wedding. Alh..

Rainbow Cookies Recipe – Simple and Delicious Snack Recipe

Rainbow Cookies Recipe – Simple and Delicious Snack Recipe Rainbow Cookies is a simple and delicious..

Moong Dal

Ingredients (Serves 5 – 7) 1. Moong dal / cheru payar parippu) – 1 cup, rinsed and soaked in enough ..

Malabar Style Egg Biriyani

Ingredients (Serves 6 – 8) 1. Eggs – 6 – 7, hard-boiled 2. Ghee or oil – 3 tbsp 3.Onion – 1medium- l..

Pumpkin Old Fashioned

Autumn is officially here, Pumpkin Spice Lattes have hit the subcontinent, and I think we can all ag..

Orange Is The New Black Corn On The Cob Recipe

It’s quite impossible to eat a corn on the cob with just salt but when you’re in prison, there’s lit..

11 Recipes To Welcome Lord Ganesha With Gusto

The chants of ''Ganpati Bappa Morya'' are already in the air as idols are being brought in with ferv..

Black Bean Burritos Recipe

These Burritos are packed with 16g protein so get your meal prep on! The post Black Bean Burritos Re..

Pumpkin Fever Cocktail

If you’re looking for a lovely spiced rum cocktail where pumpkin is the hero of the drink, then look..

White Wine Price In Tamilnadu

1.Lindeman White Wine Lindeman’s has a vast selection of wine varieties from the Hunter valley for y..