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Baby corn masala | Baby corn gravy recipe

Baby corn masala is a rich creamy gravy with a simple onion tomato base. Baby corn masala serves as ..

Kerala Beef Chilli | Chilli Beef (Semi Gravy Type)

Chilli beef is an Indo-Chinese appetizer or starter where slender cut and cooked meat is coated with..

Air fryer chicken tenders(breaded)

air fryer chicken tenders(breaded), these healthy and crispy air fryer chicken tenders are so easy t..

Chocolate Poke Cake | Cold Chocolate Cake

A soft spongy chocolate cake, poked and soaked into more chocolaty goodness…     Is it just me feeli..

Burrito Recipe

Burrito Recipe This Vegetarian Burrito Recipe is full of the flavors of Mexico. If you are in need o..

aloo mixture recipe | aloo bhujia mixture | haldiram aloo mixture

aloo mixture recipe | aloo bhujia mixture | haldiram aloo mixture with step by step photo and video ..

Kesar Badam Milk Recipe

Badam Milk is an Indian drink made with almonds, milk, and sugar. It is a delicious, comforting drin..

Palkova recipe | How to make palkova

Palkova is a traditional milk sweet made with just 2 ingredients milk and sugar as main ingredients...

Thai beef salad

Thai beef salad, this Asian salad has sweetness, salt, and tart flavors all combined into one. Grill..

Vegan Stuffing with Chickpea Sausage Crumbles

This Vegan Stuffing is made with homemade chickpea sausage crumbles and is hearty, wholesome, and pa..

Paneer Burji

Hungry for more? Check out... MariasMenu Hungry for more? Check out... MariasMenu..

Eggless banana muffins

These Eggless banana muffins are a healthy, delicious and easy breakfast! Packed with sweet & spicy ..

Palak rice recipe (Spinach rice)

Palak rice pulao is Indian style spinach rice made with basmati rice, fresh spinach, spices and herb..