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Instant Pot Beef and Basmati Rice- Beef Pulao or Pilaf- One Pot Meal

Perfect One-Pot meal made in the Instant Pot: Beef Pulao or Beef and Basmati Rice. I’ve used stew cu..

350 Indian Pantry Staple Recipes and Ingredients

350 Indian Pantry Staple Recipes and IngredientsIndian cuisine largely comprises of the regular In..

Fried Potato Pies Recipe

Fried Potato Pies Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Fried potato pies or aloo pies. These potato pi..

No Knead Bread Recipe

No Knead Bread with Step by Step Pictures. Rustic loaf of bread which hardly takes 5 mins to make. N..

Fish Kara Kuzhambu Recipe

Fish Kara Kuzhambu Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. This recipe is easy to make. This fish kulambu..

kashaya recipe | kashayam powder recipe | shunti jirige kashaya

kashaya recipe | kashayam recipe | kashayam powder | shunti jirige kashaya with step by step photo a..

Sweet potato stir fry

Sweet potato stir fry made in Indian style with spices and curry leaves. This mildly sweet, spicy an..

Gluten-Free Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad is a wholesome, nutritious, gluten-free salad perfect for the summer season. Learn how ..

Surviving the Lockdown – 75+ Simple South Indian Recipes & Free Ebook

Click on the link below to download the free E-Book! We, Women are great ! As Indian women, we have ..

Protein Rich Italian style Caprese Salad

Ingredients: Boneless Chicken - 300-400 Gms Black Pepper powder, as required Salt to ...Directions:I..

chocolate buiscuit cake(no bake) with condensed milk

chocolate biscuit cake made with condensed milk.   chocolate biscuit cake that can work as a quick b..

Jam and Cheese Sandwich

  For the second week of the Blogging Marathon #110, I have chosen the theme of “Breakfasts”. Even t..

Upma | Easy Rava Upma

  As the second recipe for this week’s theme of “Breakfast” in the Blogging Marathon #110, I have ch..

Zucchini Dates Muffins

  Sometimes I feel like thanking the Westerners for classifying muffins and cakes as breakfast. It m..