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Mango Ginger Thokku | Mavu Shunti Thokku | Maa Inji Thokku

Mango Ginger Recipe with step by step photos | Mango ginger recipe video | Mavu Shuunti thokku | Maa..

Cabbage Chutney Recipe | Cabbage Pachadi

Cabbage Chutney recipe with step by step photos | How To do Cabbage Pachadi | Kosu Chutney | Cabbage..

Rava Toast Recipe | Sooji Toast recipe

I have for you all today " Rava Toast / Sooji Toast / Eggless Savory French Toast " - one easy to ma..

Mongolian Chickpeas (one pot, gluten-free, nut-free)

Sticky-sweet-spicy Mongolian chickpeas is a one-pot meal that''s super versatile. Try this sauce wit..

40 One-Pot High Protein Vegan Meals

Worried about eating enough protein on a vegan diet? Worry no more with these amazingly delicious, o..

Lemon Blueberry Scones (oil-free. gluten-free option)

Lemon blueberry scones are crisp on the outside, flaky inside and use no butter or oil! This one-bow..

Tofu Barra – North Indian Silky Onion Curry (Vegan Chicken Barra)

This is a vegan version of chicken barra, a creamy chicken dish from North Indian Mughlai cuisine. Y..

Punjabi Chole (North Indian Chickpea Curry) Instant pot. stovetop option.

Punjabi chole is a North Indian chickpea curry with a unique and delicious blend of flavors. In this..